Friday, August 3, 2012

Beating McGuffey's Third Reader and TuxMath

Hi Groovy Grandparents,

I beat McGuffey's Third Reader. I especially liked the last one called Good Night; it is by Mrs. Follen. I also like the part in The Pert Chicken where he says, "my old Aunt Dorking." "Dorking" means a type of chicken.

Now I'm on McGuffey's Fourth Reader. I like the kite one. When he didn't want to play with the kite anymore, the lady said just to try again. I also like True Manliness. It's about Fred washing the dishes. His mother was sick. The boys at school missed him. The boys called him "girly boy." But he was not a girly boy; he was manly. I also read The Brown Thrush. It was about the bird singing. A thrush might be a bird.

I'm working on TuxMath. I beat number typing, addition 1-3, addition 0-5, and addition sums to 15. I'm working on addition sums to 20. Although subtraction might be harder than addition, but I can do subtraction on the Math Blaster one.