Saturday, November 29, 2014

We Are Thankful!

Andrew made himself a paper crown... and glued it to his forehead

Hi, Ni hao, ni hao. Maybe when you're bigger you'll talk to me.

Piano prizes!!!!

So thankful for the sunshine this week!!!!!!!

Thankful for family (Aaron drew himself and daddy playing chess, Andrew drew a family portrait)

Thankful for talents to be used for good (Aaron- chess, Andrew-tightrope walking!)

Thankful for treasures above (Aaron treasure chest, Andrew toy chest)

Thankful for something even when life is hard (Aaron- a hill far away, Andrew- sword and shield)

Thankful for ice cream

Aaron watching world chess championships

Discovered why the futons here are so hard

And thankful this isn't our couch

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Last Two Weeks

Aaron's always reading lately
Where did this big boy come from?
Andrew loves to try to sew. He cut these diaper wipes out himself!
Andrew's always drawing and writing. Here is a rocket adventure book!
Beethoven and the running wiggle dance are back!
Aaron and Andrew made their own games and wanted everyone to play.
Finally got a sunny day so it's Christmas photo time!
They all at least look the same direction if mom sing "Do your ears hang low?"
Things boys are thankful for: Aaron-four seasons, Andrew- yol water bottle, Alexander computer and grassy hill
Aaron thankful for water bottle (can still be thankful with and without it). Also finishes picture exactly according to the "assignment," but as fast as possible.
Alexander thankful for XO tablet and mommy
Andrew thankful for his tablet, and does very detailed drawings.
Andrew's Christmas tree
Andrew's rainbow
Alexander coloring
4 kinds of Grass by Andrew
4 parts of a plant by Aaron
4 kinds of grass by Aaron
Plants and grass ("lots of grass") by Alexander
Knex fun!
Christmas wreath
Aaron wanted to show everyone (especially Grandpa Jeff) the pomegranate star.
Sweater pillows
Watching videos on the tablet
Tea party
Dress up ties
Andrew liked having his picture taken and kept jumping in the picture.