Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunshine, Butter, Donuts, and the Unfortunate Demise of Shoes

We had a sunny day again recently and quick ran outside to play!

Building Castles in the rocks

Fall food:
We've been enjoying some fall favorites recently.

Some of these things I only make once a year so they are a big treat.

Bacon makes lots of things better

Science Experiment:
Making butter

Aaron took it very seriously

Hike to return John the caterpillar. (See John's first appearance here.)

Such pretty weather again.
We hope it sticks around a long time.

Saw a different caterpillar

There was one unfortunate incident during this hike where
a boy lost his shoes in a pile of poo.
This one was really lost.
And this one was a lost cause.

You win some. And you lose some.

Fortunately, these shoes were getting old and almost outgrown
and this happened at the end of the hike.

Corn drying time around here.

Streets are filled with it.

"Take my picture mommy!"

Abigail is getting so good at Reading Cards!

So happy!

This is Alenhoe and Andrewhoe jousting.
And Abigail wandering around asking,
"Are you jousting? Are you jousting?Are you jousting?"

More sunny days!

Quick a blue sky take a picture!

We ate the butter we made for dinner.
It was quite good.

We're so thankful to be able to order more and more things online.
Occasionally, there is still problems with getting it all the way to us though.
At least I ordered two cocoa powders and one didn't explode.

Motorcycle returning home with lots of home improvement purchases

Enough sunshine to go back out and finish the castle!
Also, Abigail made best friends with this girl.

Alexander's Belion Book

It is a good thing Beowulf is way past being copyrighted, because you are going to love Alexander's new Belion tale. He did this all on his own. He is a pretty special 6 year old.