Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pictures and Papers

A few pictures from our last week and a small sampling of the kids papers (school and fun/pure unbridled imagination) from the last few months.

Grocery store ran out of raisins, so we had to order another thing online.
Kind of fun to get four different kinds in one bag though.
And not many stems or rocks!

Aaron letters

Aaron handwriting

Aaron math

Abigail art

Alexander handwriting

Alexander's Krug

Alexander math

Alexander's Discan language he created

Alexander's Frigger-Toad

Andrew's goodies and games,
also known as beating mom at chess

Andrew chalk art

Andrew's covered bridge

Andrew's Eomer

Sampling of Andrew's many hand drawings
(Assignment for Grandpa Jeff)

Andrew handwriting

Andrew knight

Andrew letters

Andrew math

Sampling of Andrew practicing his toe writing
(Assignment for Grandpa John)

Andrew wrote out the start of a story about cuddle robot
in the language he created (Ruggian)


Boys Duolingo testss 

Boys Geography tests

Boys history

Boys letters

Dad carrying all the boys

Life cycle of a cheetah bear dragon
Our usual grocery store has been getting emptier and emptier.
They are running out of all kinds of things.

But they still had a frozen pig's head.
Or perhaps they'll keep restocking popular items...

"It's pick for me!"
-- Abigail

Playing catch

Rugian Flag

Chatting with Grandpa,
who is trying to steal Abigail's crown

Then makes his own two-headed dragon

Rainy raspberry picking