Friday, January 25, 2013

Aaron's Verse, Letter, and Story Tracing From This Week

Andrew's Snake Stories

Once there was a snake who heard a noise. Rattle, rattle... rattle, rattle... went the noise. It was another snake. The first snake started to run. But then he saw the other snake and they became happy friends.
One day, a snake went rattle, rattle, rattle. The snake scared a horse. Then he made the horsey happy. The snake had a mommy snake and a daddy snake. Then they went home. Then they got out of the home. Then they went to another home. The end.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bubbles and School

Dear Grandparents,

I was blowing bubbles today. I also did some school: words, math, mazes, and stickers. Did you know a Blackbird airplane can fly to the edge of space?



Noodles, Potatoes, and Thomas

Dear Grandparents,

Today I ate lots of noodles and lots of potatoes and some meat.

I played with one train, Thomas the Tank Engine. I like that train.

I love you.



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Nathaniel

Happy Birthday Uncle Nathaniel! Love Aaron

Happy Birthday Uncle Nathaniel! Love Andrew

Happy Birthday Uncle! Do you want to play?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Grandparents I Bonked Aaron Off the Bed

Dear Grandparents,

I bonked Aaron off the bed, but not really we were just jumping into each other on the bed. It's fun to play on the bed. I also like to jump into the water (the blue playmat). And I like to do it again and again. Do you like to jump?



Moses and Piglet Coloring Pages by Andrew

At the Zoo Story by Andrew

Aaron, Andrew, Grandma, and Grandpa went to the zoo. And then they turned into the monkeys. They played and ate bananas. Then they weren't monkeys anymore, and they had to go home. The real monkeys were sad.

Rabbit and Blue Mountain Quarry Coloring Pages by Aaron

Eating Pizza Story by Aaron

Once I was watching a video. Then it was lunch time. We were all eating pizza at Chicago Coffee (except for Alexander because he doesn't have teeth). When I finished my 2 pieces, I ran downstairs and asked for more. We all liked the pizza.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letter to the Grandparents from Andrew

Hi Grandparents,

I drew you a circle. I drew many circles. And I colored an artist. He was very dirty. I like to be clean.

I played with Lucy a couple of days ago. I shared Bertie the bus and Thomas the train with her. It was fun.

I love you and Aaron too. Come and play with us please.



Letter to the Grandparents from Aaron

Dear Grandparents,

I'm coloring pictures. Tonight I am coloring Moses, Winnie the Pooh, and Henry the No. 3 green engine. Earlier today we went to Walmart and got potatoes, pumpkins, apples, and bananas. I love you.