Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Fun: End of the Year Catch Up

Making gingerbread castles

Aaron's gingerbread castle

Andrew's gingerbread castle

Making gingerbread men

Popcorn garlands

Baby's first time coloring

Beautiful countryside

Aaron make a tricky knock 'em down game!

Making foam ornaments

Thanks for the sticky foam Grandma Mary!

Making friends

Cute snow baby

Rugg and McCann shields

Dragon watching Curious George

Making sugar cookies

Installing window plastic

Wooden building toy airplane

Wooden building toy catapult
Aaron climbing his old climbing tree

Andrew making friends on the train

Armor treasure hunt

Baby meets Thomas

And the boys are reunited

Eating Chicago Coffee pizza

Coloring on the train

Drawing at  dinner with friends

Toys R Us Fun

Lego Christmas Tree

Double sheeseburger yum!

New Thomas puzzle

Playing at old fishing pond

Painting new trains

Aaron's so big for the playground

But now baby can play too!

Old favorite play place fun

Baby had a great time

Looks like it's his new favorite
Playing Uno wearing armor

Christmas story


This bed is harder than hard, but bouncier! (definitely a good trade in Aaron's mind)

Three big boys in the big city

Watching new videos

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!