Friday, June 20, 2014

This Week

Alexander loves tomatoes

Happy Fathers Day!

Aaron finished off the frosting tubes

Playing in the back "yard"

Baby thinks he loves badminton

Aaron wrote I love you Daddy!

Trying on backpacks.
Alexander could wear Andrews,
but just barely get up if he fell down.

Practicing wearing backpacks for the trip.

Making sure they're not to heavy.

The boys can run in them! Andrew is ready!

Some kids came over

And took pictures with our camera.

Make frosting and whipped cream with more power!

Andrew drew "the Chinese girl stuck." I think inspired by the smurfs
on the cookie tin we put fathers day cupcakes in.

Happy Birthday Uncle Ben!

HB= Happy Birthday from Aaron, 100,000,000 is your birthday points

Birthday maze by Aaron

Alexander had to get in on the card making

He sends his loves and fireworks

Uncle Ben and the Dragon (By Andrew)

Yes, the boys definitely look up to Uncle Ben as a valiant knight!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two Week Flew Past Fast

Exercise park

Mac n Cheese connoisseur
Alexander playing "wake up sleeping beauty"

It worked!

Andrew and Aaron wearing Grandpa costumes, Alexander wearing Uncle Ben costume

So one night we went out to play...

Andrew puts his arm around a girl ans says, "You want to come home?"

Pretty sure she didn't understand at all, but the next day about 10 kids showed up to play.

Alexander likes to try to play chess too

Eating zong zi

Dragon boat day food

Our landlords gave us these and their the best zong zi we've ever had

Go out for a walk and to let the boys play...

And you may end up giving an English lesson
trying to sing a song that asks a persons age
and then answers multiple ages for each respondent