Saturday, December 14, 2019

December Fun

We had some friends over and made gingerbread houses

All the kids had so much fun

We also made hot chocolate and I had to cut the marshmallows
in half so they wouldn't take up the whole cup.
The friends brought caramel corn!

The kids also still have so much fun in this little play place.
All of them played for about two hours here.
Mostly I just think the kids have tremendous fun together
whatever they are doing.

We also painted wooden robots and tops together
so the kids could make their own present.

Star ornaments

We got some good weather again recently and Nate
took the kids for a long explore.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Recent Pictures

Andrew on his own time studying the science books and trying
to develop a digging machine.

"I was thinking about a nuclear reactor,
but probably a diesel engine with an electric magnetic generator backup
would be better and safer."

"If I could make an optional missile launcher attachment,
there could be all kinds of other applications for my invention."

French braid!

Frost! But we welcome the sunshine! Thankful for that!

Helping make quiche

Peeling carrots

Playing with the calculator

Took our family Christmas photos

These are some of the best

But wait here is one photo of Nate and I together without kids. :)
Might be the only set we got all year.

A lot of our pictures turned out like this...


or this!

Hope you are having a great December