Friday, May 29, 2020

Recent Pictures

Got flowers on mother's day.
Abigail was given flowers by the shop lady, because she is cute.

Passing goats that took over the fast lane

How to go to the grassy hill now

Team building exercises!

Biking past the coal yard on a windy day will do that to ya!

Making a movie

Big ideas

Making cheesecake mouse for mother's day

Me and my kids

Water fun

She can do her own boat now

Iced tea season 

Wading at the river

Floating bridge

Tired out

Walking lunch

View out back: controlled burn

View out back: KTV guys cleaning up the parking lot after the beautification crew
left lots of broken tile there.

Virtual piano recital
What are some of this student's favorite things?
Where's Beethoven?

Alexander remembered a bow

Abigail's flowers on her shelf

We celebrated Aaron's birthday early with special food and painting

Also, the kids made up other random holidays so we made cupcakes.

Alexander decorated these for
Sam's Victory Day!

And Abigail made these for her doll's birthday

Giant swings

Exploring under our bed

Helping clean

Learning to play chess so she can "get a trophy like Aaron!"

Alexander reading to Abigail

We went back to the Forest Park for a picnic 
And because the kids really like swings

Spring pesto pasta

Playing with big brother

Strawberries for dessert

Taco salad and using up silly straws