Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Catching Up

Such a full few weeks. Here are a few pictures to catch up.
They NOT are all perfectly in order.

Drinking the juice out of a bone

Had a few friends come to visit and went out to hot pot

Aaron wanted to play Chinese chess

Decorating new living room

If you are going to let your kids binge watch an entire dvd series
WITB is a pretty good pick.

New kitchen getting unpacked


We proved we could get 8 in our car.
This shows the 6 of us in back.

Twas the night before moving...

Even though we only moved a block there were so many extra things to do.
Like get one water heater moved and another installed.

Venting the dryer and sealing things up

View of recycling dump out back

Woohoo! Finally have a bathtub, washing machine, water heater, and actual water all at the same time.
(FYI the dryer is in the small cubby on the left)

Andrew the great turns 8!

Quixels! Thanks Uncle Ben!

Mt. Doom Cake


Presents from brothers

Treasure hunts got a lot more interesting in the new house

(Thanks to the grandparents who went in on this gift!)

Abigail wanted to help wrap Christmas gifts

Abigail and a treasure hunt gift

Andrew's Quixel project

Thanks Uncle Ben!

Andrew's new red bike!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
(He was very particular that it be red, have a basket and a bell.)
He has been riding around a lot on the 1st floor.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Electronc gifts

Kds on saturday love the Put Me in the Zoo Book

Kids room progress

Clothes put into bins

So many gifts from grandparents too.
Here are just a couple.

Mommy made presents

Andrew eats peppermint truffle cheesecake top to bottom

Gifts the siblings gave each other


Aaron got swords for the brothers and that was one of the first things opened.
Abigail got rubber ducks, but kept asking...
"Where's baby's sword?"
Until she opened the little one with pink mom made.
Thanks to everyone who was thinking of us during our move and for all the wonderful gifts as well!