Friday, January 24, 2020

January Weather Craziness (70ish and picnic on Wednesday and Snow on Saturday)

Jan 24, 2020
Dear Grandparents,
The canola is already starting to bloom. You can still see some green out though. The weather has been pretty sunny, so it shouldn't be too long before it all turns yellow. I got to 1700 in rapid rating this week. Maybe I can get to a new high this month. Today is Chinese New Year, so everyone is saving up their fireworks for nighttime. We've actually heard a lot less fireworks than the last few days.

(Pictures not in chronological order)

Working on their dinosaur dig game

Gather snow for snow cream

Abigail's new hairstyles

Building a snowman

Catching snowflakes

Fireworks on Chinese New Year's Eve

I stayed up with the kids watching videos on the ipad and fireworks out the window
until they tapered off after midnight and we could sleep.

Chocolate cookie dough hummus

Cookies and cocoa after playing in the snow.
Abigail decided the snow meant is was Christmas,
so she wanted to wear both her Christmas dresses at once today.
At least she is warmer that way!

Outside our house in the snow

The trees have full leaves still and so the snow caused a lot of branches to break.
We think that is why we lost power.

Geography excursion

Making a model of the atmosphere


Back on Wednesday it was really warm and sunny

Canola fields not quite in full bloom, but almost!

We eat!

Then the kids play

And we get to lie down in the sunshine

So bright out!

Saturday we're making snowcream

Using real cream, vanilla, and coconut sugar made the best ever
Caramel Vanilla Snowcream!

Andrew had wanted to change the bags and socks on his feet before we went from
playing outside our house to the grassy hill,
and somehow he forgot to actually putt his slipper boots back on.

He tried to tough it out for a while,
but Nate ended up carrying him up the hill and back to the car after just a little bit.
(P.S. He is fine now after hot cocoa.)

Earlier in the week looked like this

Kids looking on from afar at the new puppies out back

Fuzzy picture, but we don't get too close to the new mom or grandma dogs.

Science experiment:
trying to test the force of friction of different surfaces

If you get the hook caught this scale will give a reading

Abigail and I were the only ones who got to go "sledding"
when I my boots slipped when carrying here down the hill.

Alexander called this ice skating.
It is the closest he has ever been, but is really more like slush sliding.

Since I already slid down the hill, Abigail and I made "snow angels" or rather we tried.

More snowcream pictures

Snowball fight

Snow covered city

Making a snowman on the grassy hill

Snowman by our front door

They decorated the city more for Spring Festival/Lunar New Year

Looks kind of sad/strange now though

Abigail standing on Daddy's belt