Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Birthday Grandpa John!

Happy Birthday Grandpa John!
Love, Aaron

Love, Andrew
P.S. We're emailing this one.

Happy Birthday!
Your Little Pink Princess Abigail

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Recent Pictures and Piano Pieces

Crabs at Walmart

Abigail handwriting

Abigail loving the nail buffer

I made Alexander another birthday cake,
because I didn't think some of our guests
would like boston cream pie.

Sparkler candle

Andrew discussing pizza rows and columns and applying
them to computer programming.

Flying ball

Just when you think the fridge can't get any crazier...
I call this fridge tetris: how many bananas (that I'm trying to save for smoothies), can you spot?

I love jobs that keep the littlest ones buys, but that they can also provide real help with the housework.

Abigail folding our handkerchiefs

Processing pumpkins

Pumpkin pancakes
Here are videos of the kids playing piano after
a couple of weeks of lessons with a real piano teacher.

Even Abigail started learning Mary Had a Little Lamb

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Grandparents Visit Part 6 The End and the Afterwards

The last day we all went to the south park and let the kids do fun things.

On the last day we also packed up some things to send back to the states with the grandparents.
Andrew made the stuffed animals plane tickets.

Morning after the grandparents left very early.
Look what the grandparents left you guys, Abigail!
"The grandparents left me the stickiness!"

We took the rest of the week off to rest and recover from all of our fun.
Here are the two older boys on their break,
researching to make the best LOTR game ever.

Abigail was the most eager to get back to school and wanted more school jobs.
She started handwriting, turning all the words pink of course.

Then when she did a good job, she added pink snowmen stickers

Abigail helping me clean house after the birthday and guests

She also really loves this new dress

Wearing my new silver shoes around the house.
Abigail gets hers to match and then says,
"We're so beautiful! These are dancing shoes!"
And starts twirling

New hairstyle for Abigail.
She likes to watch hairstyle how to videos

"On my birthday I am going to be four!"
But don't skip age 3; it's a good age!
"I think when Aaron was little, he skipped an age."

I realized after ordering more super dish wash cloths that reduce or
eliminate the need for dish soap, just how many things we have are made from bamboo.
Living here has really made me learn to love bamboo.

Later in the day after we talked to friends who were eating candy corn on the video,
Abigail sees the flaxseed and says,
"That's like candy corn! I love it!"

My kids aren't hurting for junk food. (See above stickiness!)
But this might tie for funniness with the time when
little Aaron thought seaweed sheets were called Tootsie rolls.

Alexander got clay and need play dough tools for his birthday and now
everyone wanted to play play dough again.

Alexander's dino world he made with his present

Some friends gave up round(!) pumpkins and others gave us a lot of apples

Kids are enjoying the fall food

Abigail drew a picture of her future wedding.
She is in the pink and white.

Walmart finds:
Roast beef, red carrots, and purple swirled potatoes

And canned corn!

We all had such a great visit.
Thanks for everything.

Dear Grandparents,
Thank you for everything.
Especially, everything pink.
And thanks to everyone who helped make Alexander's birthday epic!