Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Aaron concentrating hard during his lesson with his chess coach

Aaron also got his Chess rating up higher than ever before

Aaron is learning the very beginning of how to crochet

Alexander and the giant apple

Alexander is starting to be able to use the mouse a little bit by himself.
He likes doing Ready for Math with Pooh.

Alexander helping to make raspberry pie for Thanksgiving

Alexander really likes to help clean if he gets to shoot the spray gun

Andrew watching his first drawing video lesson and trying to draw a cat

I really like his cat and ball of yarn

Andrew doing his new math program.
He really likes it. Especially, that right in the textbook it says things like,
"You're doing great! Keep going!"
I think Aaron finds those additions just a waste of reading time.

Boys built a chair castle.
Andrew was the king and Alexander was the queen.


Boys helping to deep clean before our big trip

Alexander made a little bed

Andrew's secret to fitness, always keep moving.
Even when reading novels you should do things
like roll back and forth on a balance ball.

Stamps and glitter

Enjoying the good weather

One of the coolest places ever to play tag.
Can you spot the blond boys.

Playing Chinese chess

Merry go round

We will miss some of the food here.
Like this gigantic bag of sweet mandarin oranges for $2.25

Or this bag of key limes for $0.50

Starting to pack to get ready to go.
Everyone is excited to see you!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last Week

Aaron tied for first place in a online tournament against adults

Books Aaron's read so far this year!
(61 pictured plus 3 not pictured)

Books Andrew has read so far this year.
(11 pictured plus 2 not pictured)

Boys doing a new Chinese learning program all together.

Boys doing morning reading together.
Alexander reciting David and Goliath.