Saturday, September 27, 2014

This Week (To the Big City and Back)

The playground by our old apartment seems to have shrunk

But the elephant ears are growing well

Look what the baby can do now

And look at Aaron go

Killing Goliath

Reunited with his climbing tree

Old neighbors dog

KFC playplace shrunk too

Baby wore himself out

1,2,3 boys exercising at the Green Chicken park

Baby trying to build a robot

Alexander loved Red Beard the dog

Everyone liked Latte the cat

And Andrew wasn't even afraid of Sydney the big dog

Andrew really wants to build a robot,
but rediscovering the snap circuits and building things
like this solar powered clock "robot'
is keeping him entertained for the moment.
Hopefully, they keep the interest in
the snap circuits and learn a lot.

EEK! We made it back home, got the internet fixed,
and got haircuts and baths!

Catch UP- Home for a Bit

Skyping with grandparents

Train tracks woohoo!

Fireworks by Andrew

Is by Andrew

And Gs by Andrew

Making paper hats

Alexander artwork

Tea party

Secret book reading by lantern club

Tigger Movie

Practicing piano

Piano prize box all ready, Aaron is saving up for a big prize

Catch UP- Trip Half Way Around the World

Lots of luggage

Extra seats!!!

Big boys

Andrew insisted on wearing the complimentary slippers

Alice in Wonderland (again and again)

Can't stop playing the tablet to eat

Andrew loved his too

Aaron slept during our layover

Little brothers didn't

They played hard

Last flight

Alexander made friends with the stewardesses and they walked him around

Lots of luggage

At our friends in KM they fed us well

Fed us pizza too

The boys loved their dogs

Train ride

Walking back

Whew- made it! Back home again!