Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurry Up and Wait

This is what a 9 year old finishing a 7th grade math book looks like. :)

And also like this

Andrew and Alexander have been building lots of tents "for baby"

Alexander is so creative.
"Alexander do you know what a collar is?"
"No, what's that?"

Time to get up... Time to get going... I just want to play, play, play....
but it is so early

Trying to do some promotional stuff for the business

Waiting to meat people outside this public school

Lots of waiting with no one

And then the masses!
Next day we had a free jiao zi and English activity.
Aaron (and everyone) was very popular.

We had so many people so up

It was really nice that we had beautiful weather

Our sign 

Making jiao zi


We tried jiao zi a new way at home this week to mix things up

Jiao zi ravioli
Unfortunately, a weird miscommunication had us preparing for
2 group sessions the next day but only 2 kids came.

We had fun though

Do you like my hat?

We did a long activity where we read and translated Go, Dog. Go! together and then
they did some coloring.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Princess et al

A certain brother broke Aaron's toy and had to buy Aaron's a new toy

See the little jelly guy?

This one may be even more fun

Alexander's knight

Alexander's new game

Big boys taking out the trash

"Making stairs"

Roller skating elephant

Happy Abigail

Little friends

Abigail identified a need for girl dress up clothes in this house

Here is the purple princess

Hey that skirt is pretty cool

And soft

And twirly

"I want to everything my brothers can!"

Including watching chess tournament...
hey look there is a girl with purple hair!