Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Pictures and Paper

Abigail headgear

Goodies and games

This package got delivered to the wrong place,
but we were pretty pleased to get Pillsbury whole wheat flour

Grassy hill

We got some tilapia and the kids liked it with cheese on top

Moon festival moon

Alexander likes it when he can win at chess

Spunky Abigail

Tying electrical wires together

We got some tortillas bigger than our plates

Aaron's coloring, we he does color or draw he does quite a good job

Abigail pinkification

Alexander's castle paintings

Alexander game

Alexander coloring

Andrew and Alexander's versions of a wizard from a drawing book

Andrew colored Sleeping Buteay for Abigail

Andrew drawings

Andrew hand drawings shade series

Andrew toe writing

Andrew house drawing

Boys Duolingo tests

Boys geography tests

Boys math tests

Boys Handwriting


Abigail's pink letter to the grandparents reads as follows:
Dear Grandparents,
Please come to my birthday.
I love you.
(Abigail read it to me)

Abigail helping with the laundry.
The boys help with laundry too,
but I have never ever heard a boys beg
"Please mommy, I want to scrub the stains too!!!!!!!!"

She loves to get things out of the dryer for me

And she is the perfect height for our weird dryer cubby situation

Abigail wanted to practice handwriting

So we figured out how to get a second use out of brothers worksheets

She's learned to write in 0s and 1s, so now she is all set to communicate
in binary

We also try to reuse hastily colored coloring sheets,
that way they can be painted even pinker

Abigail loves this scarf lately and keeps calling it her feather boa

Harnessing the kids excited energy to get ready for visitors

Somehow Andrew "always gets the hardest job"

Making carrot bread

Making pancakes

Fall fun

New fall outfit

These two playing vet together is hilarious!
Abigail takes care of all the animals upset tummies....

And Alexander pulls all the bullets out!

Test day!