Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

Aaron made you another chess puzzle.
What is White's best move? Why?
It's tricky...

Alexander trying to walk

Alexander's first haircut

Andrew fighting Goliath

Andrew petting a rabbit below Walmart

Big boy haircuts

Buckle in cup fun

Building with clothpins fun

Crazy packing

Discussing Pope, Pagan, and Pilgrim's Progress

Father son drill moment

I like my rag hat

Aaron saying Romans 1 on his head

Aaron memorized all of Romans Chapter one,
so off we went to McDonalds to celebrate!

These look strange, anyone seen them in the USA?

Baby loves cheeseburgers

Andrew was very proud he could climb up unto the stool himself

Feeding the fish french fries

Mommy these potatoes turned into McDonald's

Fireworks for Aaron! (Clap your light up shoes together to make fireworks)

Nate carried this on his back 1.5 kilometers

And the went back and carried the mattress back on his head

Putting lids into a coffee can is a great game!

Reading Andy and the Angry Dragon

Three boys are super excited to talk on Skype!

Andrew and Uncle Ben in a cave. (Drawn by Andrew!)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

This Week

Aaron made a chess puzzle.
White to move and checkmate in two.
Mommy needed a hint.
Can you solve it?

Alexander in new khaki pants mommy made him

Baby plumber

Boats got new sails

Boys love sticks

Captain cutie in new gray pants mommy made him

Finishing up some workbooks

Here chicky, chicky

Here comes the crab pinch, pinch

Little friend

Look I (Andrew) found an eyeball

Nate and Aaron made potato pancakes and mayonnaise for dinner!