Saturday, July 18, 2020

Recent Pictures

Abigail and the flying dragon Andrew gave her

Coloring new paper dolls

Abigail and her self designed L shaped hair-do

Latest painting project

Alexander and his Adventure Castle and green dragon from Andrew

Making a new game

Forest park

Recent trip into QJ for paperwork,
but KFC was the highlight like usual.

That and watching movies on the drive

Abigail wanted to match

Abigail wanting to learn the Rubik's cube

Nate's birthday cake

Used another special candle

Rocky road ice cream

Picking raspberries

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Picture Catchup

4th of July food

Abigail is getting good at coloring and such

This shape workbook is way to easy, but it is a good for her to
practice reading instructions.

Abigail practicing sewing

Alexander practicing making scrambled eggs by himself with supervision

Alexander's Discinian Flag

There is a lot of symbolism here.
But you will have to ask him to explain it all.

Aaron made a pasta dish for our anniversary

Andrew made the salad.
And we were very surprised to find sparkling grape juice at Walmart.
The kids really liked it.

Andrew working on his computer challenge

Daddy gave Abigail fabric roses

They are her new favorite thing

So sweet!

"Daddy! Play a war game with me!"
When you have four older brothers...

Playing guitar in the mornings
See Abigail's?

Learning to play checkers

Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for a late father's day dessert

Most of our reading challenge was for the kids to read the paper books we have here.
But Aaron did get new ebooks for his birthday, so they read some long ebooks as well.

Last day of the reading challenge

Reading challenge certificates:
Abigail earned a doll she got to pick out and the boys earned a cash prize
based on the number of pages they read and the bonus awards.

Boys daily squat challenge

This is how Alexander does squats

Time to throw out another pair of pants.
The brothers even agreed saying, a toddler could get lost in that hole. :)

Some amazing finds at Walmart last time

13th anniversary picnic

Teaching Aaron how to use the drill as a mixer

Abigail's first bun

Ketchup on bao zi

We got sparklers to celabrate the 4th

We took all the kids up to the 5th floor roof to do them,
because it is more private and cool to do up so high.

We got some special star shaped ones they have here.
They are cool, but burn out fast.

Abigail eating zong zi

Abigail finishing her first chapter book

Abigail made herself slippers out of bubble wrap and socks

Abigail's computer challenge

Beep Grandpa's Nose mouse skills game

Carrying out our Walmart groceries through the sunglasses store

June was a reading challenge
July is computer challenge month

Walking Lunch: Look Out Below!

Watching one of Aaron's birthday presents:
Lost in Space

Aaron's "magic" jaw breaker pop keeps changing colors

Abigail setting up her roses and setting up tables.


Alexander made a marketing video for a video game he hopes to make in the future.
At least someone in our family seems to be marketing minded.

Bagel sandwiches for late Father's day lunch

Old fort hiking adventure