Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Week

Andrew building his birthday trains. Thanks again grandparents!

Biology, Mandarin, and PE in one!
Aaron being a dai shu (kangaroo, which  is a vertebrate and mammal).

Andrew "walking like an eagle."


We found this cute little gecko in our apartment and set him free.
Aaron got 50 speed addition problems right in a row.

Alexander likes to try to help with laundry like his big brothers.

Andrew gave Pooh a honey bowl party.

No Whining. No Complaining.

Aaron sweeping cheerfully.

Aaron sharing bananas and watermelon with Alexander.

Ice cream for dinner!


Nate and Aaron made tacos for dinner.
They even made the tortillas completely by themselves!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Last week

Aaron drew mountains and rain

Aaron in the slew of despond

Alexander exploring Chicago coffee

Alexander likes to splash

Alexander waving

Andrew building castles out of baby toys and Aaron fighting dragons

Andrew drew a train and train tracks

Playing Chinese checkers in the big boy clubhouse

I'm so glad I have a brother

Aaron making chess puzzles

Nate and Aaron cooked dinner

Punchy guys

Reading at Chicago coffee

Rhyming bingo

Sneaky baby found a pear

The boys made a lake and went swimming