Saturday, October 22, 2016

Painting, Letters, Knex Robots, and Other Tales

Alexander made a game called Throw-quet,
where he throw this ball using the pvc pipe.

Andrew made a map of the "12 seas"

Aaron, Andrew, and Alexander's castle paintings.
Alexander's has a battle going on.

Wearing baby and cleaning

Hello Lovely

Boys made knex robots.
Alexander made "Teasingme."

Andrew made "Squarendome."

"Are you teasing me Grandpa Jeff?"

Whole family of robots including parents and grandparents.

For science this week the boys planned and made a healthy meal.

They all worked together to make a great salad bar.

Aaron even cracked the walnuts.
The only thing they didn't do was cut the carrots with a sharp knife.


But she is definitely saying mama and dad-dad too.
She'll scoot right up to us calling out the correct name.

Watching big brother

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Few Pictures From Last Week

Gold to move and checkmate in one

Aaron science

Alexander drew a picture for his cousins.
This is Pompa in boots.

Alexander also made Duplo robots for his 3 cousins.

Andrew science


Moving stuff around to work better in the apartment.
This a bookshelf we built over at our other building and now we moved it here.
Also, moving a bookshelf up 4 flights of stairs is not very easy.

Love that the temperature is still great in mid-October.

Moved stuff around for the new oven too.

Nightly reading

Aaron's playdough model of the digestive system.

And here is Andrew's model.
I love how big he made the mouth.

Tooth snack

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Family Photo Outtakes, Birthdays, and Other Tales

We got our new phone/camera working so we can take more pictures out of the house again.

Playing at the little park with little friends

We took family photos this week.

Here are some of the outtakes.
Can you spot the grumpy lip in this one?

Abigail is getting much harder to take a picture of now that she can move.

She likes Aaron's nose though.

When did we have a penguin?

Come back here...

We'll play at the park after pictures.

We crashed another couple's wedding pictures again.
It is so funny how often couples ask us to be in their wedding photos here.

Look at the camera!

Ok, now you can play


I am Twigagorn!

We did get some good family photos and
took the boys to the bounce house as a reward for picture cooperation.


Drew play Magnus age 10

Birthday dinosaur egg hunt

Alexander likes all the new legos

Now he can build a big castle for Lamby

"Hey, Dad! I built a Robot. His name is Keys.
He can squeak."

Alexander samurai knight riding birthday dinosaur he named

Multicultural knight here. He has a samurai mask/helmet samurai puppet,
and the Rugg family crest on his shield.
Learned about the Feudal systems in both England and Japan this week.

Alexander's green samurai knight

Andrew and Aaron's dinosaur math coloring sheets
were use for party decorations

Andrew and Aaron's science tests.
They did really well.
This is either the first or one of the first written tests we've given them,
and it covered several weeks worth of chapters.

Aaron and Andrew used their own money to buy Alexander birthday presents.
Aaron bought Alexander wind up dinosaurs and M&Ms.
And Andrew bought him this "dragon slaying outfit."

Andrew multicultural samurai knight

Andrew's samurai warriors

 Here are some pictures from Alexander's birthday.
Thanks to everyone for making it a great day!


We got one of the cool firework/music playing candles from here.

He loved all of the ballons


Wearing his dino hat

Alexander really likes his new animal duplos.
Thanks grandma and Grandpa!

Abigail likes them too.


Later the boys had fun with glowsticks

Birthday puzzle fun

Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Birthday treasure hunt.
He got his brothers to help him.

"I name you Tongarango!"

Daddy's little princess

She is 1/2 a year old now!
At six months:
Abigail can rock back and forth on her hands and knees

Has a great army crawl she uses to get all over

Is 27 inches and 14 pounds 11 ounces

Is full of Joy!
Babbles a bunch.of sounds.
Most often mama and dada,
but we don't know if she knows what she is saying for sure.
But is seems like she knows dada.
And she is definitely a daddy's girl.

Alexander drew "Andrew riding on a dragon."
Thanks for the great stickers!

Little love bird

We're finally replacing our old "Triangle" brand toaster oven that we bought
used when we first moved to this province over 5 years ago.
It was the best 100 kuai we ever spent.
Hopefully the new more expensive "Squareness" brand
works as well.
Test run with pizza worked fine.

Sweet potato and carrot fries.
This is the boys favorite way to eat purple sweet potatoes.