Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's Catch Up: Moving Time

Right before we moved a freaky chicken kept jumping in the tree
by our kitchen window and making weird noises,
signaling it was indeed time for us to move.

We had family pictures printed to take to the new house

Aaron helped sort out the holey diapers and pack the good ones.

Andrew and his new panda he named Christmas.

Big packing mess

Nate taking furniture apart late at night.

Crazy Packing

Got all these shoes and baby clothes

Into this one bag!

To get light bulky items along we packed them in cabinets.

All our stuff outside

And a big empty living room

Packing up the moving truck

Van we ended up needing

Us in the van

Sights on the way to Luoping

hay bales

Water buffalo pulling a cart

Anyone know why this van spills so much water?

Entering Luoping

We made it!

All our stuff made it!

We brought everything and the kitchen sink!

Happy baby

Uh-oh the movers hit the power lines

Moving the washing machine

Hide and seek in the mess of stuff!

Happy to have their computer back

Our new mountain view

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