Saturday, April 8, 2017

All About Abigail

Abigail is 1! As usual baby's first year of life sped by, and we can't quite believe she is 1 already.

Time out for random facts about recorded babyhood in our house.We have a lot of documentation that each of our infant existed, grew, and changed a lot in their first year of life, but not one of our kids have a baby book. And each have at least one particular area that is very heavily documented.

  • We weighed Aaron weekly for the first 7 months of his life (I think we were easily amused).
  • We filmed an ABC's of Andrew video on Andrew's second day of  life (crazy, also not doing that again).
  • Alexander was special in that he got month by month blogposts for the first year of his life (I think I posted those in my sleep). I still love the Super Baby picture from the 8 Month post.
  • Abigail has a lot of clothes and we have a better camera than ever before, so I took a lot of outfit pictures from 3ish to 9ish months.
At one year Abigail:
  • Is truly "her father's joy" and such a daddy's girl too.
  • Is 17 pounds and 29 inches.(Still so petite! All the boys hit those pounds by 4-5 months and inches by 7-9 months!)
  • Is wearing mostly 12 month clothes. (Also, a first for any of our kids to be wearing a size anywhere near their infant age.)
  • Is babbling, talking, signing, and singing a bunch.
    • She says Mom-mom, Dad-dad, moe-moe (for more), nana (for banana and all food), no-nos (for both nose and no-nos), wa-ba or wa-wa-ba-ba (for water bottle), nigh-nigh (for night-night)
    • She signs banana, cookie, more, water, milk, and occasionally thank you
    • She loves to sing, but mostly is goes dad-dad-dad-dad-dad-dad... while she conducts an invisible choir/orchestra. Also, she likes to hear a bunch of kids songs, here favorite at the moment might be ba, ba, black sheep.
  • Can read Daddy, open, and close consistently in Reading Cards. And sometimes it seems like she knows others like Mommy and nose, but is not consistent with those yet.
  • Loves books! She pretty much all reads Dad-dad-dad-dad in all books right now but it is a start. She looks and points at books for a long time and is always coming up to us with a book to read. If you don't read fast enough, beware she'll hit you with the book.
  • Likes to play with wooden blocks, stacking toys, balls, trains, and of course her baby dolls and stuffed animals.
  • Loves to play with her brothers.
  • Loves to be a part of everything, even trying to "help" with chores like folding diapers and cleaning the floor.
  • Is "real crawling" and "cruising"all over. She is very active. She has just started standing for a few seconds by herself, but is still to cautious to try taking steps on her own.
  • Is just getting her first tooth now.
  • Likes solid food and eats quite a bite despite only having one erupting tooth and burning it all off immediately. Her favorites are:
    • Eggs, cheese, and little bits of chicken for protein
    • Cooked carrots, corn, peas for veggies (Also, she'll eat tomatoes fine, unless she thought the baby tomatoes were strawberries, and then she will just get mad and throw them.)
    • Banana, grapes, and strawberries for fruit (Loves fruit!)
    • Potatoes, pasta, pizza, and pancakes for carbs
    • Sugar cookies and chocolate for treats (And she loved her first cake and ice cream too!)
  • Is sleeping through the night.Yea! Another first for our kids.
  • Likes to make animal noises and (because she has three older brothers) likes to make scary dragon growling noises. We had a butterfly birthday for her and she was growling a lot to play that day, so we started calling her a fire breathing butterfly. :)
  • Is such a sweetheart. She loves to cuddle, give kisses and hugs, and pat your back.
  • Likes to be a "good girl." If she is told no she sometimes covers her hear and cries. If you get her to say something is a no-no, she'll leave it alone, at least for a while. And she absolutely loves it if you clap for her. Sometimes she'll clap for herself.
Enjoy these pictures from her birthday.

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