Saturday, July 8, 2017

Recent Pictures

Aaron riding his birthday bike

Abigail's first trip to KFC

Andrew helping

Reading in the taxi

Hey look Arm and Hammer not Hatchet

Alexander showing Grandma Mary birthday presents

Abigail is charming

Abigail likes to clean things

Big backpack girl

Spicy noodles for breakfast anyone?

Actually able to turn in some paperwork this day!
Also, don't climb on the elephant.

4th of July girls

Aaron helped flip pancakes!

Abigail inspecting our new fliers

Handing out fliers at the park

Andrew exercising

Not very puny at all

New business building getting painted

And they got all the trash taken out too.

10 years and counting...
Still best friends
and hey look we got a picture alone together.

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