Saturday, September 2, 2017

Big Kids

As usual, the kids are growing up fast.

She probably won't always like her brothers doing her hair,
but right now she'll beg anyone to comb it.

Funny girl loves personal hygiene (so different than her brothers).
She'll beg for a comb, lotion, toothbrush, q-tip,
diaper cream, and even floss for her 2 consecutive teeth!

Also growing fast and most of the 12 month clothes are starting to get too short.

18 months are still a bit big...

But Abigail really knows how to pose for a picture now.
She runs to the one white wall and poses.

And then runs back to you to see the picture on the camera.

Do you love me?


How about now?

Me, me, me!


She likes to do everything her brothers do.


Andrew is in the 800s on!

She can walk on the grassy hill now!

And play ball!

So in the great clothes sorting adventure the monster pajamas were found.
They were way to sort for Alexander now, and way to long for Abigail.
But she really wanted to wear them.

Grandpa Jeff, how to you like them monsters?

Cushion boat

Cushion fortress


Super Andrew!
Andrew had a big accomplishment this past week,
so we had a little party for him.

Take my picture! Take my picture!

Required togetherness.
Superbook app only on one tablet.

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