Sunday, October 1, 2017

Catching Up

Aaron made cleaner all by himself

Purple mustache

Abigail wants to drive

Alexander built a cat

Alphabet Soup lives on..

Andrew doing Saxon Math with help

Big boys doing Tynker together

Vehicle hunting

Grandma reading

"Mom we should make paint out of the old markers again!"

Snack time

Super Cute!

It's the holidays here and party time. Somebody is having a big one.

We ordered more fold over elastic and Abigail took the pink and purple.
Here She made her own headband.

Aaron history

Aaron schoolwork sample

Abigail and mom

Abigail drawing (me too, me too!)

Alexander drawing

Alexander made a game

Andrew history

Andrew schoolwork sample

Daddy's little princess

Boys love getting mail!

Pink Rainbow Heart Princess

Science gravity

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