Monday, November 20, 2017

Recent Pictures and Paper Catch Up

Homemade applesauce


Young coconuts

Been behind taking pictures of the kids school and paper projects.
Here are some highlights.
Aaron handwriting

Aaron History: Captain Cook

Aaron Math
(Don't know why he did half in red pen)

Alexander art

Alexander Handwriting
Quite good for 5 years old!

Alexander sticker art

Andrew handwriting

Andrew History: British defeating Napoleon's navy

Andrew History: Haitian Flag

Andrew History: James Cook

Andrew Math

Boys made more games

Fred by Alexander

Mr. and Mrs Robot's Store

Mr. and Mrs. Robot

Add caption

Science Comets

Science Solar System

To the Best Cousins ever

Letter B

House hunting

This one got rule out because the changes we want
would make it "unrentable" in the future.
At least we don't need to think about moving this "kitchen."

Princess Abigail

Snap Circuits

Our water has been going out a lot, then our power, and then washing machine malfunctioned,
but at least it was really cheap to get the washer fixed.

Sibling bonding over trains

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