Saturday, October 6, 2018

Sweaters, Shorts, and Stickers and a Birthday Bash

Aaron building dominoes

Abigail's first pigtails

Alexander's 6th Birthday!!!!!!

Building his robot dog

Playing at the playplace

Happy Happy Burger

Treasure hunt

Aaron's present to Alexander

Some friends sent us some cheddar cheese and
the kids were super excited

Math games and chocolate

Very close game

Alexander's map for a book he is writing

Another "New I Love Lucy"
by the three brothers

Painting the early birthday present from Uncle Ben

Alexander was super sweet and shared his present

And then Alexander and Andrew have been working on designing
Metropolis County
a city for their rescue vehicles.

Planning stages for the next "New I Love Lucy"

Poetry Tea Time
The favorite poem last month was about a toad
reminded everyone of Peter the First

Riding Daddy

Science Experiment: Classification Puzzles

Abigail sticker style

Aaron's latest outfit was a sweater and shorts.
"They were just what was on top of my clothes boxes."

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