Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fun and Games

We found out we could order chicken and avocados online so we were kind of excited.
Also, this is what 10kg of chicken breasts look like.

"Look Mommy! You're Daddy's princess!"

Ordered this scarf just for a cheap Easter decoration, and I knew it was polyester.
But the tag still made me laugh.
100% Silk... Feeling Polyester

Aaron drew the orbiter 3 balloon

Abigail's painting

Helping make sewing cards for Abigail

Abigail sewing

Abigail taught herself to burp on demand.
Then she got the hiccups.
Abigail asks, "How do I get rid of these burps?" (hiccups)
Try holding your breath honey.
And thus this picture.

Alexander drew "Scratcher's Ship"

All the kids helped roll out tortillas for dinner one night

It actually went pretty quickly for once.
Unfortunately, we ate them all almost just as fast.

Playing a game Grandma made for Mommy doing school many years ago

Andrew drew a dragon

Are you really going to take a picture of this mom?

Nate took the kids on a long bike trip

People trying to take pictures of us at the grocery store

Serious game of Clue

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