Sunday, May 26, 2019

All the Things

Anyone need 5 liters of soy sauce?

Andrew's horse drawing

Bike riding

Dinner and dessert in one

Mosquito season

Aaron flipping pancakes

What happens when you play in a coal yard

Abigail helping clean

Helping cook

Abigail doing a sticker book

Alexander doing a Duolingo test

Andrew math

Andrew art

Alexander painting

Andrew painting

Strawberry beet smoothie, so good!

The pinkest wedding


Like a proud sentimental parent,
"This just reminds me so much of Snoopy and Woof's wedding." <sniff>


Changes outside

Behold the great wall

Alexander decided to make his own character based language called "Discan"

Here are the numerals

He also wants to rule the Island of the Discans when he grows up.
Here he drew his starting plans.
Note the castle, and the SAMs on either side of  the island in case of air attack.

Andrew is making his own alphabet replacement system called "Ruggeon"

Here are some words.
Also, we were a bit surprised to find out at the end of the week
that he had been writing his daily reading journal notes in Ruggeon

Summer Salad:
So excited we figured out how to order chickpeas and beets online!

Yellow moon

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