Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Midsummer's Dream (Pictures of Early July)

4th of July

We replaced and got the kids a few little things after our paperwork got renewed.
We got each boy a new set of darts.

Blueberry pie, raspberry pie (made from raspberries the kids and Nate picked),
and vanilla ice cream

We went to the new Walmart on the 4th of July,
which seemed fitting.

We found the butter section

Also local delicacies

All about Abigail

All pink what else is there to know

We defrosted the freezer and the kids had an ice-ball fight

Happy 4th!

We ordered 3 headbands for Abigail and then had an adventure
where we mistakenly got hundreds and had to send them on to the right person.

Tiny fridge stuffed with produce

We got Abigail a new princess crown.
Now she goes around saying...
"Make way for queen Abigail."

Making Aaron's belated birthday ice cream

Andrew knife skills

Raspberry picking

More 4th of July pictures

Aaron birthday Lego

Aaron hard math

Aaron on his day off

Abigail word game

Alexander reading to Abigail

Alexander teaching Abigail how to dry the dishes

Andrew learning how to repair his ripped pants and stuffed dog.

Andrew toe-writing

More pictures of the ice fight

Abigail mostly just kept throwing the ice on the ground saying,
"I cracked it!"

We have some giant bugs here

Happy Birthday Nate!

Pile on Dad time

For our anniversary the kids made us cheesy spaghetti for dinner

And cheesecake with berry topping for dessert

Kids doing language practice with Nate,
buying and selling fruit.

Made extra treats for Nate's birthday.
Aaron made the blueberry hand pies as a present, but all the kids kept asking,
what the giant jiao zi were for.:)

Boston cream pie with kind of runny cream filling

It's not the prettiest but never tasted better.

Another time raspberry picking

We replaced the kids old stools 

Abigail doing her sewing cards

And lastly, we were watching our wedding video on our anniversary,
and the silly kids started dancing

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