Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Last Couple Weeks in Pictures

Andrew made these 3D graphics himself in Blender!

Beautify-ing the back lot

Biking to the little shop

Grassy hill picnic

Jimu fun


Buying flowers for mom

Did some sewing recently.
Made Abigail an apron

Kerbal space program

Landing on the mun

Another picnic

New game

We were able to go back to Walmart.
It was the first time in over 2 months.

Trying to go on a picnic to the grassy hill on my birthday.

We had to climb down through a giant pit to get to our usual spot.
Apparently ,that is my I am about to climb  through a dirt pit
on my birthday face.

Still peaceful once we got down there though.

Tried a new food.
Loquat (a fruit here) and pork soup.

Spoiling mom on her birthday

Kids made pancakes

Confetti first thing in the morning!

Alexander used his own money to buy me chocolate,
and then he made the wrapping paper.

Alexander and his beloved city game

Had an opportunity to give a friend some of our old toys and books!

Birthday presents

Clean living room!

Finally burning our 7 year old candle

Game time

More sewing

Coloring the neighborhood pretty

Weirdly we ran out of rice for a little bit,
but we now we're restocked.

More sewing for Abigail.
Would you like a cup of tea?

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