Saturday, October 26, 2013

This week

Making accordion fold turkeys

Andrew can read classic Thomas all by himself, and loves it!

Mommy told Andrew to draw anything he wanted while she finished his bird,
and he drew a gizzard with a spot that was rough like teeth.

Dance class

Rhyming game

Spelling game

Writing a note for mommy

Aaron cooking eggs by himself

Alexander wants to be a big helper.

Andrew cooking spaghetti sauce

Alexander loves his birthday toothbrush. Thanks grandparents!

Alexander wants to feel a part of everything

If my big brothers are painting, well I want a brush too.

Good thing I'm so cute!

Making family hand turkeys

Gobble, gobble

Crazy turkey

Happy turkey

"Make a normal face so I can take your picture..."

Math discussion about all of the possible ways in arithmetic to = 6

Piano lessons

Making dough nuts

Car and gingerbread man shaped dough nuts

Staving off dough nut deficit disorder


Water please!

Yea! It worked! Thanks!

I like my water.

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  1. Awesome pictures! You guys are the cutest and smartest boys on the planet!