Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Week Flew Past Fast

At the park

Playing Big Brainz Math

So Warm in Our House! Yea!

Working on school


Acting out Big Brainz Math
(Dad is a giant sea monster you have to shoot by getting math problems right)

Sewing a present for a cousin. Shhh!

Arthropod baseball

The "pitches" are questions

Aaron got a level 1 question right so He got on first base.
Andrew is up to bat.

Baby wants to play chess too.

This big boy...

Can eat corn on the cob!

Alexander's drawing

Chinese chess and checkers

By Aaron

By Andrew

Empty tomb doughnuts

Greenfield math begins

Making paper mache Easter baskets

Tea and doughnut party

Watching Aaron play dream chess

Aaron's chess puzzle: white to move and find a fork

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