Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Week

Big Helper

Aaron's latest chess puzzle for you. WHITE to move and CHECKMATE IN ONE.

Launch day "Birthday" party for reading cards

Toasting with Sprite and Poprocks

Wanted to celebrate all of our hard work with our kids, thank them for their help,

and just generally get them excited about our family business. We're wild and crazy like that.

Seriously, when did he get so big?

Boys found a little girl outside.

She followed them home to play. (She's 8 years old).

Boys making presents to take back for their cousins.

SHHHHH! (You can keep a secret right?)

Easter book activity. Aaron drew a harvest waiting to be picked.

Aaron drew an empty tomb on the computer.

Making a rag garland.

Aaron loves to tie knot.

Andrew loves window crayons.

Baby loves to be just like his big brothers.

Andrew really wanted to write all of this to all of you (he had the option of just drawing a picture instead), but he got tired and eventually let mommy finish.

By Andrew

Presidents 4 and 5 by Aaron

Snazzy hotels across the street

First salad and ranch of spring. Finally warm enough to eat cold food. Yea!

Giving baby a ride

Picking flowers

For mommy

Playing on the grassy hill

Hiking and playing behind train station

Little friend came over again

Andrew drew her a picture

She likes to pick up baby

Painting rocks

Garland finished. It's beginning to look a lot like...

He Lives

1 comment:

  1. Aha, I saw a little bit of the secret gifts. I won't tell Evie or Kinley, though.

    Aaron, I really like the picture you drew on the computer. And Andrew, it looks like you are learning a lot and getting really good at writing.

    Alexander is going to be so big by the time I see you all in Illinois!

    I hope you enjoy your friend, the girl that keeps coming over.