Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Week

Beautiful Canola Fields (a.k.a the thing this area is known for)

Chess in beautiful places

Happy New Year Meal!

Banana gun pow pow!

Happy President's Day

Our friend brought us fun cereal!

New Year Cuteness 
Year of the Goat (or sheep or ram...)

Aaron and Nate made biscuits with local oil and honey

Aaron did a pretty good job with his Spring papercut

Anna trying to exercise and Alexander says, "You a horsey mommy?"

Alexander so wants to do everything his brothers do. This week he told me he wrote his name and drew an Apatosaurus.

Alexander turned Candyland players into lasers

Lent Calender (Thanks Ben and Nicole for the pretty fabric!)

We had a friend over this week and Andrew made her a book (with love written on every single page) and Aaron made her a welcome sign with dog fireworks. Guessing she hasn't received those gifts before.

Aaron trying to beat the play the number one Chess player in the world at different ages app

President math 

We sure got a good collection of love notes by the time we had to take down the Valentine's wreath

Spring festival lanterns

Spring Festival trees? Charlie Brown would be proud

Boys pretending to be backpacks for our friend to carry

The buses are packed

I have lots of moneys!

The Everyday: A very common mean around here fried potatoes and eggs

"Hello grandpa John? I have a Thomas! I love you!!! OK, talk to you later bye."


  1. What wonderful pictures! Looks like Spring has arrived! It is taking a little longer here.

  2. Wow, it looks like you guys did a lot this week! The fields are beautiful. I can't wait to see them in person someday. I like seeing all the spring pictures and all the festival decorations and valentine's day crafts, too!