Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Week

Picture worthy attraction

Nate's empathizing with his parents because a certain second born in our house
 grumbles going out to have fun and coming in from having fun.

Awesome canola fields

Music appreciation in our house always turns into a battle with the composers :)

Reading cards!

Aaron being a great big brother, showing Alexander how to build.

A very blustery day

Aaron burning up the 4th grade math book.

Anna's empathizing with her parents, both in the challenge of challenging a child in math
and in the handwriting and making sure they are writing everything you are supposed out.

Alexander's drawings

Andrew drew a empty tomb in our bathroom

The start of Greenfield Math! Aaron gets pretty complicated problems.

Lightning makes them explode when you get the question right.

The boys love the exploding.
 Perhaps the cousins could help us with what girls would like.:)

Building levers 
We're reading the first of the Fellowship of the Ring books and
Andrew created a new character, the scary dark elf rider.

The Scary Dark Elf Rider
By Andrew
He is a scary bad guy. The Scary Dark Elf Rider's hair covers his whole head.
His face is on his neck. His tongue is invisible and has spikes that bounce his food.
This elf has very long arms. His toes are like forks with saws on the end that are very sharp.
His teeth are very sharp and stick out of his mouth very sharply.
He has ropes coming from his eyes. He has claws for hands.
His legs are half short half long.
He catches people and throws them into a pit of soy sauce.
Big guys are easy for him to catch. But small guys are harder for him to catch.
You don't want to meet him in the dark.

Great weather this week! So thankful!

Mom, I'm looking for trucks! Whoa, that's a big one!

I'm playing computer.
Rough computer game

Get well soon Grandpa John!

Body using swords to fight bad guy cells

We hope Grandma Mary is feeling better this week too.

Rhythm practice with dad

This stubborn two-year-old has held food in his mouth for half an hour refusing to chew and swallow.

The Everyday: Gumbo load of diapers drying

The Everyday: Oven baked potato pancakes

Tiny chess
(Andrew is getting better at his focus and attention span and is willing
to stick with regular chess rules for a whole game now.)


  1. Wow, it looks like you guys have been busy this week, too! The canola fields look absolutely amazing. I just showed them to some people here at work with me and they were very surprised at how beautiful they look. And at the different mountain formations.

    Aaron, I'm really impressed by your math skills. I hope your mom can keep you challenged :-)

    Andrew, your story about the dark elf was really cool and creepy and interesting at the same time!

    Alexander, it looks like you have lots of fun with your brothers. And I hope you keep eating your food.

    I love the lightning and explosions on Greenfield Math. I'm not sure what the girls would like to see... maybe unicorns and butterflies that carry the numbers away?

    I hope the weather stays warm out there for all of you!

  2. What wonderful pictures! Says Great Grandma McCann!