Saturday, April 11, 2015

This Week in Pictures

Lay's Stax added a new flavor option Chocolate Sea Salt
Way to go wrecking chocolate, sea salt, and chips all at once.
Also I just found it hilarious that I took a picture of the Chocolate Flavor because it is new,
but the Chinese street barbecue, cucumber, and tomato flavors are not weird to see anymore.

Also do you know what you can do with Skippy peanut butter?
We'll you could spread it on toast...
Or you could add it to your hot pot...
Or you could put it on your noodles....
Andrew really wants the grandparents to come and visit again.
He made a map for you when you come, so you'll know where you are.

He also made a menu of breakfast options you can choose from

All of the boys have been playing with the new blocks and dominoes a lot

Looked at a bunch more buildings and potties again this week.
Here is a middle quality one we saw. :)

Tablet convention

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