Friday, April 17, 2015

This Week

Aaron painted a peaceful meadow and river

Alexander's painting

Andrew invented a new instrument called the "radioco"

He also made a blimp with 23 wheels

He invented a new holiday "fighting a dragon day"
and made a picture for it.

He also started filming his own exercise videos.

And he decided to make his own math problems

and the answer them

Andrew math

Belike Time
We had some power outages this week and we wen tout for lunch one day.

Alexander is getting good at reading

Alexander fighting giant spider like Bilbo

We got a new mosquito tent, duvet cover, and Anna made new pillow covers.

We also unofficially decided on a building for our new business.
It has own large room and two small rooms in back we can use for
an office and a play room for our kids as well as storage.

We have a verbal agreement right now.
There is a small bathroom you can see on the right in this picture.
We'll probably add a sink.

They said they'd clean it and get rid of the junk and clean it.
We'll probably clean it more and maybe paint some of it?

The outside of the building.
If we get a vehicle someday we could also park it here and pull it out during classes.

Also we got a new "real" potty so guests might feel more welcome.


Awesome delivery guy.
He delivered the toilet on his motorcycle and carried it up to the third floor.

So we splurged on the upscale model that was big enough to completely cover the old squatty potty
and actually has a trap.
A little more expensive that we were thinking,
but the installation ended up being surprisingly easy.
New potty positioned over old one, leveled with washers underneath to prevent any wobbling,
caulked totally around the bottom to seal it, and switched the water from the old tank to the new
and voila a western potty installed.

Playing marbles

Also Andrew found Alexander's pants in his bin and put them on.

Making robot turtle programs

Andrew made new robot turtle cards

Tablet convention

Weekly tradition- Monday rest day jiao zi lunch

And popcorn dinner

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