Saturday, October 3, 2015

Last Two Weeks

Aaron and Andrew watching old Age of Empire games that
Ben, Nate, Liz, and Caleb played a long time ago and recorded

How to repair an air conditioner on the third floor

Alexander's race cars

Alexander built this thing and kept calling it
"Lots of Languages"

He also color coded his Duplo towers one day

Andrew finished reading Prince Caspian by himself

Andrew also lost his first tooth and was very excited.
He asked for a book about knights and dragons.
His parents gave him such an ebook.
But Aaron played tooth fairy too and gave him a kuai.

Andrew reading to Grandma and Grandpa

Sleeping with tablet

The box from the grandparents came. We gave the boys the Lego magazines
and some of the candy snack mix from Aunt Jan and they thought
that was just about the best thing ever.

Ice cream!

The boys made their own marble game.
They are really quite creative.

Serious video watching

Reading Chronicles of Narnia before bed

Someone might have had a craving for spaghetti,
or we might have just ordered enough for until we head back to the States
for a while.

Tablet convention

Brave knight Andrew

The things we see out our windows

Like a hay delivery caravan

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  1. Wow! Cool! Looks like a great couple of weeks! Glad the package made it! Looking forward to having you with us soon!