Sunday, October 18, 2015

Past Two Weeks

Aaron and Alexander helped make homemade laundry detergent.
We were all surprised that Alexander could help grate soap.

Aaron finished his 4th grade math book.
And he started on the 5th grade one.
He is happy the beginning is really easy and he is getting mostly 100%
and flying through these first lessons.

Aaron's also been helping test Chess things that Nate has been working on for his new online work.

Alexander likes to read words people write for him and then color over them.

Alexander doing reading games off of Reading Cards.

He can do the colors games all by himself.

Even the harder version.
He knows these words really well. And can read them all over.

Anna has been able to be up and about a bit more again.
She has been able to do some more school with the boys in the mornings
while Nate sleeps in after working very late into the night.

Alexander really likes his new bathtub crayons

Alexander loves his new duplo train set

He also loves to paint

Andrew "beating" his piano jobs!
Boys love to beat and conquer everything.

Fierce and funny knights

After weeks and week we finally got an account open here.
Apparently here you get to pay for the priveledge of the frustrating experience,
but you do get "free" mugs.
At least we fulfilled this requirement and can move forward again.

Nate also got one of the tables over at the business put together.

Here it is with some of the cube stools.
It is really awesome and amazing how much Nate has been able to build
by himself with just a jigsaw and a drill.

Playing outside.
Making jump rope letters.

So thankful for big helpful boys.
Aaron has been doing most of the dish washing lately.

And Andrew has been doing most of the drying.

Once in a while Alexander still needs a nap.

Super hero boys
Aaron is the Vanishing Knight!

Alexander is the Super Potter!

Andrew is the Donkey-Kongo!

Apparently the stuffed friends wanted to watch the movie too.

The boys love their new light up shoes!

Triple chocolate brownie sundaes for sweetest day

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  1. Great job making furniture, Nate! I am so impressed!