Saturday, July 16, 2016

And We're Back!

After a great 6 month plus visit with family and friends we're back home.

Flying or rather waiting to take off

Re-cooperating at friends' place

The kids really did pretty great during all the travel.
Ironically, they were the most rambunctious of all in our friend's car
when she picked us up from the airport.

Aaron already hard at work doing handwriting

And trying to beat everything and everyone at chess

Abigail cuteness

Alexander continues to fall asleep in funny places and positions

He also is liking the old computer tablet.
Alexander assigned himself more school jobs,
like Pooh math and Reader Rabbit.

Andrew decided since he has already read the whole Chronicles of Narnia,
his new goal is to read them as fast as he can.

He read all of the first one and part of the second in one day.

Abigail continues to be a nice baby.

Sometimes she just sleep in the middle of our chaos.

Slowly getting the house cleaned up.
Quite a project to wash every dish and piece of clothing in the house,
and all of the cupboards and everything else.

What is awesome here is that less than 10 dollars buys this much fruit.
Having the same nice fruit lady who always gives us good prices so we don't have to barter is also awesome.

Take a picture of me! Take a video of me!

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