Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aaron's Birthday

We wish we could have celebrated Aaron's birthday together with all of you but here is a few pictures of Aaron's 9th birthday!
Last pictures first: brownie cake!

This one picture is from early Monday morning here
when Aaron got one of his presents early and was sleepily
attending Chess U watching a class
by IM Lawrence Trent.
Aaron even got a "Bravo!"

Started the day watch astronomy

Getting anything here is an adventure.
Here they are picking out Aaron's new (blue!) bike
 from Grandma and Grandpa
and the bike shop people are getting it all ready for him.

Trying it out.
We need to order a helmet online.
Hopefully, the search engine will chuckle less than the bike shop people.


Playing with new toys

Playing with present from Alexander

Presents from Grandma and Grandpa.
Chess book for Chess U, Beat Magnus Video Course,
and Boxcar Children books.
Aaron is really excited about both doing Chess U this month and
learning how to beat Magnus.

From mom and dad.
Chess U, new knight hat, and chess piece wall stickers.

Snap circuits from Uncle Ben.
It really flies!

Talking to grandparents.
Abigail also loved the pinatas and all the decorations
and especially the Skittles in the pinatas.
He had a great day. Thanks to everyone for helping to make it special!

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