Saturday, June 3, 2017

Recent Pictures

We were so happy to have the grandparents be able to come and visit. And thankful they made the long trip all the way back home safely as well. Here are a few selected pictures (from about 1500) of our fun from Mother's Day on. There were too many fun things to post everything, but here is a bunch of it.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for coming such a long way, bringing us so many things, so many gifts, and some of these great family pictures.

Mother' day present:
Water heater and installation

"Now you can take a hot bath whenever you want mom!!!
Do you want me to pick out your clothes?"

More mother's day gifts

Brother sandwich

Abigail walking at the park

Starting a leaf collection

Amazing imagination adventures

Discovered a new "flavor" of yogurt.
We have plenty of love around here already, so we don't know
what this tastes like or if it works.


Funny animal game:
4 people each made one part of an animal and then put it together and
come up with a story about it.
This would be fun with the cousins someday!

At a famous park on a river sort of nearby

Flower crown grannies.
The pushiest saleswomen you'll ever meet.
But we did by some.

The minority waterwheels are famous here.

We got a picture alone together!
Thanks Grandpa.

Scenic drive to the river

Using the water wheel to mill

Epic chess battles

Epic Uno battles

We are a lot of jiao zi

Family movie time and Andrew giving grandpa a very "warm" (or perhaps just hot)

We tried fire ginseng

It really wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it either.
Kind of like very tart orange taste combined with an overripe cucumber center texture.

Grandma Sharla wins Abigail over with ice cream and chocolate

Reading The BFG and having tea parties and building Knex

Music games

Painting fun

Sharing with Grandpa John

New Snapcircuits

You know that time you and grandma went shopping and you got 170 eggs?
(80 were basically free)
This was that time.

Time to put the baby walker away when baby tries to climb in herself.

Grandma and Grandpa brought The BFG book and movie.
Since we actually have something that very much resembles the movie version of
"Snozzcumber" we got one and had a BFG party.

Snozzcumber, Frobscottle, and Dream Jar Jello

This is great as a centerpiece, not so great to eat.
Actually, bitter melon is pretty terrible to eat.

9 Dragon Waterfalls Panorama

There are probably thousands of stairs at this parks.
If you go the right way it is mostly down, but still makes your calves ache.

At the entrance of 9 Dragon Falls.
(Also pushy flower crown saleswomen here.)

At the Lover's Falls

New clothes grandma made!

Abigail absolutely loves her flowered metal tea set!

At the big park in town.
Abigail's first ride.

The boys loved this!
And there is a picture with all 3 smiling!

We also went to a "mall" that had a fairly new climbing structure the boys had never tried. 

This turned out to be one of their very favorite things!


  1. Wow, looks like you guys did a lot of fun things! We can't wait to talk to you in a couple hours and hear about everything.

  2. What great pictures! Looks like tons of fun were had by all!