Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Knights of the Round Table and Other Tales

Abigail loves strawberries

Starting to feel more like home.
No more gold flowered curtains in here!!!

Daddy's girl

Daddy, Daddy chase!

Daddy, Daddy dance!

Daddy, Daddy sit!

Playing at break

English fun

Furniture shopping for a new desk in a very short store

Clear night

Almost spring festival time here.
Rose petal candy.

The kids set their goals for 2018 and Aaron's been working hard on chess tactics.

Abigail loves sitting on these steps

"Look Mom, I'm swinging!

Andrew's been raising his tactics rating too.

This traffic jam outside our window was so funny.
Two vehicles carrying cardboard boxes for recycling,
 but the horse had to yield to the dump truck.

Got the new curtains for the kids' room up.

This weekend we had our first Knights of the Round Table Book Club Party.
Kicked it off by reading the Knights of the Round Table.


Jousting relay

Book discussion

Knights of the Round Table cake!


We all dressed up

The boys also made their own memory bee


Sharing a giant sucker 

Watching Bao Bei
Kitty dress!
Thanks Uncle Ben!

She really likes it.

Signing and saying, "Kitty cat! Kitty cat! Kitty cat!"

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  1. Ahhhhh Abigail looks so cute. I'm glad she likes the dress :-)

    You guys all look like you've been having a lot of fun reading and acting out The Knights of the Round Table!

    I'm excited to talk to you all next week.