Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Year

Here are some pictures from the end of last year into the new one.

Christmas Party

New Year's Eve

Nexo Knights
Thanks Uncle Ben!

Abigail loves this rainbow T-shirt dress from Uncle Ben.
She loves to point out each color over and over.

Bringing back a load of fruit.

Still plenty of house projects.
This was left for us by the "professional" painters.
Mostly cleaned up now.

Play place fun.
Thanks to grandparents for extra fun money.

Winter fun

Likes to watch Pooh on her own hot pink tablet.

Purple Owl
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Cuddly Abigail reading with Biscuit

Abigail will you let me take some pictures to share with Papa?
"Share with Papa! Share with Papa!"

Super Cute

Math with a red pen is more fun.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.

Age of Empires!
Thanks Uncle Caleb and Aunt Liz!

Alexander starting geography and doing well.

Andrew riding without training wheels.

After bike riding

This is the chef from the fancy and expensive restaurant on the corner,
preparing meat.

Little engine that could.
Nate took the car out far over the mountains and to the river.

And he made it back too!

Next generation of programmers

Sometimes going to the grocery store is like going to a fair.

Alexander won a cup, small towel, and toothbrushes.
(Right after Nate bough new toothbrushes.)

Who is eating papa's pear?

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