Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cakes and Cuties

Cupcake Queen

Presidents' Day Pudding

"Gots sparkle hearts!"

Abigail keeps trying to wear mommy's shoes

Alexander drawing

Chess with friends

Do you like my hat?

Valentines wordsearch

Hiking fun

"Baby do it!"

"Baby do it!"

"Baby do it!"

"Baby do it!"

"Baby do it!"

In case you ever wondered, it is possible to eat strawberry shortcakes with chopsticks.

Too big!
This month our knights of the round table book club book was Pilgrim's Progress!
Scary Alexander!

The knights liked slaying Apollyon a lot

There were chocolate coins to be found under all the balloons

Draw your sword memory game

Shield cake

 "Make the happy ball walk the narrow way game"

Treasure hunt quiz

Had to get the correct answer to get to the next correct location and eventually the treasure.
Lots of fun had by all pilgrims.

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