Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring has Sprung

Alexander can still learn some things with reading cards

Family picture outtakes

Mommy's girl

We've both got our tea

Science experiment heat and atmoshpere


3 boys made dinner all by themselves

Abigail played so nicely with this little 3-year-old friend

Alexander found a feather and made it his friend.
Then he started treating it nicer than his siblings.

Clean pajama clad kids ready to watch Little House

Daddy's working on a new game that combines memory work and sword play

English group session
Apparently, it is very hard to draw an imaginary fat purple dog

Flower kings...

Flower Queen!

Getting ready for family pictures

"Is this Grandpa's Bed?"
"No, not papa's bed. Baby's Bed!" says Abigail.

Our friend brought us a lot of eggs.
Alexander estimated there were thousands.
What is your guess?

Funny how things like your Bingo marker jar can symbolize your life

So we had quite a bit of trouble getting a good guest bed.
But now we have one that everyone can jump on.

Our Valentine's Day Mad Lib
This was a hard activity for our group

Bed adventures this week
Bed after first attempt
Alexander says, "Perhaps this bed wasn't built for humans."

Abigail riding in her chariot to go get fruit

Abigail loves Biscuit books right now

"A Woofy, A Woofy!"

But she really loves her daddy

Science Experiment Greenhouse/Solar Oven
Apparently after 109F our room thermometer just starts to turn black...

Anyone know what these are?

Sword fighting a sleeping daddy

Picking out a good mattress

"Funmaster Mike! Funmaster Mike!"

Who needs an aquarium when you have a grocery store?

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  1. There are so many cute things in this post! We can't wait to talk to you guys soon!