Sunday, April 29, 2018

Catching Up Again

I apologize to all the family to who look forward to blog posts here for getting behind on pictures again. Life is good here, just very full right now, so I just post here when I can.

We do enjoy sharing little bits of our lives when we can and are very thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family and think of you often.

After a lot of hard work Aaron got his chess rating over 1600!

Aaron has been reading the Wingfeather Saga really quickly

He didn't like the ending

Abigail's 2nd birthday

Thanks Uncle Ben!

Thanks Grandma Sharla!

And Grandpa John!

Thanks Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jeff!

Maximum pinkification

Abigail's first haircut

Alexander's Duplo creations

Andrew doing a math facts game like mommy used to do when she was a girl.

Kids wanted to "go swimming"

"(Birthday) breakfast has chocolate!?!"

Egg hunt

Thanks Grandma Sharla and Grandpa John 

Secret message

Jumped in the bed as we were making it

Thanks Grandpa Jeff!

Playing Upwords

Power outage

Thanks Grandpa!

Shadow fight

Science experiment

How many times could Earths (marbles and jelly beans) fit into Jupiter (2 bowls)?

Not-so-scientifically 460 is what we got.
I think our cereal bowls were too small.

Spring break fun

Alexander started another book

Thanks for the shirt and necklaces Great Grandma!

Recycling happenings for those who like to observe the trash drama

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