Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Family Visit Part 1

At 9 dragon waterfalls park

Cable car side trip

View from the top

So many stairs...
Grandma did amazing!

Aaron's favorite spot

Almost out

Aaron playing 2 chess games at once

Abigail and Great Grandma

Trip to the zoo

Feeding the bears

At the bird show where the birds want to take your money

Feeding the fish

You can get really close to the giraffes

Feeding the tigers meat

At Chicago Coffee
We literally bought their last 6 pizzas

Exploring the countryside

Grassy hill fun

Guests at the English Session
Grandpa and Abigail playing color bingo

Painting project

At the park

Prepare to dye!

Reading the Wingfeather Saga
The boys are loving these books

Starting out on our shopping adventure

When I was little
I never thought
eyebrows would
be this important

Teaching Grandma about chess

Eating at a country villiage

Their jiao zi was so good!
Abigail ate a ton!

They were so kind to us and made so much food

They shared a lot about their family and history with us too

Watching videos together

Grandpa brought a lot of videos for the kids

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