Saturday, May 19, 2018

Paper Pictures

Here is a brief sampling of the kids school work and other paper projects the last few months. Alexander has been especially prolific in making a lot of books lately. Enjoy.

Aaron's 100 acre wood game

Aaron's chess notes (did this on his own time)

Aaron's math

Aaron's math

Aaron's secret code

Aaron's King Arthur report
Aaron's greenhouse effect experiment notes

Abigail's paint with water painting

Abigail's sticker picture

Alexander and Sam Book

Alexander's English class stuff

Alexander's Knights

Alexander's Book

Alexander's Brief History of Bear-Cheetah Land
(The Beginning)

Alexander's Dragon Book

Alexander's English to Bear-Cheetah Dictionary

Andrew's English class stuff

Andrew's math

Beowulf word game

English class samplings

Aaron handwriting

Andrew handwriting

Alexander handwriting

Kids have all really been into coloring horses

History video course notes

President's Day


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  1. So much creativity and hard work! I love everything you guys have made!